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How to contact sales Rep or Distributors for electronics items?

JosephthomasJosephthomas subscriber Posts: 3
edited April 2009 in Sales
                  Our company developed a product (The demo version is over: in 3 months we will be launching the product) called DIGITAL SIGNAGE SYSTEM for one of our clients in


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    paul2145rpaul2145r subscriber Posts: 5
    Are you looking for professional distribution people (agencies), or something akin to an affiliate network? I know of a few people that may be able to help you get into a number of markets, depending on how you are planning on marketing your technology. Contact me with some more information (press release, product information sheet, etc), and I`ll see what I can do.
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    onlineeateronlineeater subscriber Posts: 16
    Josephthomas,Are you sure you are targeting the right market for your product?  People in electronics understand electronics. (I sold electronics for 16 years.) If I understand your business enough you are using electronics to provide marketing. I would suggest you find a few partners who sell advertising and other forms of media and work with those firms. They may be able to provide you with some feedback. John
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    kevinzhangkevinzhang subscriber Posts: 6
    Do you want to sales at China?
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    julie63julie63 subscriber Posts: 0
    Check out putting up a display at high traffic trade fairs. Also job fairs are a great way to find sales reps. I am in sales and it seems that is one profession that you only get ahead if you move around.
    I would think someone that currently sells outdoor or indoor advertising would be a good parallel for you.
    There are also some great online job sites that you could try.
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    scottsmeesterscottsmeester subscriber Posts: 0
    If you choose to hire sales reps, whatever you do, do not use the traditional technique used.  You know... post a job on one of the big career sites, collect and sort through hundreds of resumes, set up interviews and hire the person who `seems` the best.   I recommend using a recruiter that has an excellent success history, or use a sales candidate assessments test.  I have one that I`ve used that works awesome if you want some information.
    Good luck!
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