Ebay Selling - What are the best tools to use?

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I am creating an online etail store on ebay and saw a million choices out there about products and services. I am looking for advice from an ebay veteran.
what is the best for payment processing? (I will have ticket items as high as $1,000)
what is the best for listings and managing listings?
what is best for accounting purposes
Any other advice would be welcome.FurnitureEtailer2007-1-14 14:38:19


  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Just in case you hadn`t seen this already, eBay maintains a comprehensive list of service providers:http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?S ... sDirectory
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    Great information supplied by all!  I opened a store last year and I have a couple of questions to add to the mix...
    What are the ebay rules in regards to mentioning and or linking to your own website from your ebay store? 
    I don`t want to take away my ebay sales entirely, but much of my traffic so far is from ebay and I have been referring many ebay visitors to my full website for custom options they need and that I don`t offer in my store.
    Has anyone tried a PPC keyword campaign from Ad Market Place/ampkeywords.com?  Effective? 
    I would like to try to build my ebay traffic and I`m engaged in couple of other PPC campaigns but I`m not sure if it`s worth going down this road for ebay.  If not, what would be another way to ramp up ebay traffic?
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    I totally agree with Wartimethingscom.  eBay is out of control.  I only lasted a couple of weeks before I left.  I found out that as soon as you list an item for sale you are being charged a fee.  I have no beef with companies wanting to make money but to do it is such a sly way it not good.  I should have read the fine print.  Oh, well, live and learn and I`ve learned eBay is not for me.
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    Hi Smackie,

    As far as linking to your site, you can only do so under a few restrictions. To describe your item or shipping terms in more detail or to link to your Terms & Conditions section on your web site. (See the policies).

    And yes, AdMarketPlace works. I have used it with success when it was
    known as eBayKeywords. It`s just my opinion, but I recommend linking
    the ad to the listing of all of your items. This way you`lll get the
    most bang for your buck. Use specific keywords, though, to grab the
    attention of
    specific auctions you want to promote. For example, I`m currently
    selling 10 items under two different IDs. In the ad, I have only
    mentioned two categories. All of the auctions have a gallery of
    everything I`m selling and the listings are linked to both IDs.
    Personally, I`ve had more success with this than Google or Bidvertiser.
    The others seem to bring traffic, but not buyers.

    Hope this helps.

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