How do I find sales reps?

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Hi everyone,
I would like to expand one of my businesses to the US market, a successful web design company based here in Europe.
I have no problem finding the technical staff I need, but I`m pretty stumped in finding independant sales reps who`ll work on straight commission (at least for the first few months).
I`ve been offering $125 per sale (payable when the client signs) plus 5% of the total invoiced amount (payable when client pays). Our average sale price is between $1K and $2K so I think the 5% is a nice bonus to have.
We will also provide several qualified leads per week.
I guess there are many companies looking for sales reps to sell websites, but we have a very strong competitive edge and many previous high-end websites which really demonstrate our skill.
I`ve tried on sites like to no avail.
Anyone have any ideas where I should try? Is our offering attractive or am I a little off base here?
Before I sign off I figure it`s worth a shot - anyone on here interested in becoming a sales rep?  Otherwise maybe some of you already sell a complimentary product or service and would like to establish a partnership?
Thanks in advance for any advice.


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