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Looking to build site/look on shoe-string

New to the forum, hope this is in the right category.
I am looking to build a simple site for RandomKindActs.com.  As the name suggests, I want to track random kind acts from around the world from the perspective of the one doing, the one receiving or a witness.  Simple, fun and maybe inspiring. 
I need to build a site of several pages.  My vision is a home page, a form page (a "tell us your story" sort) to capture the random kind act and save it to a DB, and a page to list some recent entries as well as to retrieve other entries by several keys into the DB (i.e. country, state, do-er or receiver, etc.).  Oh yeah, and a privacy page and contact us page.  The site would be relatively simple, load quickly and intuitive to navigate.
I host on GoDaddy (not sure if that makes a diff) and I`m looking for someone to help me: create a logo (or look), and create the site.  Did I mention my budget?  I have $400 to work with.  Any thoughts/ideas on how to get this done on a shoe-string?  I look forward to your feedback, thanks.


  • Wirehead321Wirehead321 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I like your idea of Randomkindacts.com
    I am sure you already have secured your domain name. if not that`s the first thing you have to do. Next you will need a website developer. You could DIY with the help of several online sites. That would charge you a monthy fee, but They would have tools that could help design a professional site. As for your budget $400 is not going to get you far most fees are about $30 to $50 per month about $500 min per year, plus your hosting cost. I would look to increase your budget. Still if you want to do this you can visit one of our website that has DIY features at www.technocrats.bravepages.com</A> Take a look then think over how you like your site to look. I will give some of my ideas.
  • klafranceklafrance subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi - great idea! Wondering why it`s not a .org? As a non-profit? Does your budget exclude all of the charges that you have or are going to pay to GoDaddy for hosting, etc? I would be happy to help you with the website set-up for a flat fee of $250 for a 3-page site (including basic logo design). I can also advise you on other ways to "get this done" - i.e. blogs, etc. Please contact me to discuss.
    Kateklafrance2007-8-30 12:27:8
  • IgotIssuesIgotIssues subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you all.  Just to answer a few of your questions:
    * I already own the domain name.* Chose .com intentionally and may `point` .org to .com, or vice versa* My budget does not include the monthly/annual hosting fee.* I considered TypePad (where I host my other site, IgotIssues.com) but didn`t want a blog entry -- I prefer to use a form and store the record to a data base
    I can see the site (or at least what would work!) in my mind.  I want to get it up and running and I have friends in other parts of the world, where once I know the site is ready, I have a gorilla marketing plan to get some attention.  Not sure if there is any opportunity to make money, I`ll explore that in a later forum entry!  Thanks again.
  • klafranceklafrance subscriber Posts: 1
    Looking forward to working with you on this wonderful idea!
  • Doc11Doc11 subscriber Posts: 0

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  • JERRYMACJERRYMAC subscriber Posts: 0
    Don`t know if this is the place to ask, I am also new to these forums, but I went to sitesell and am very impressed.  Has anyone used this site?  If so, can you tell me if I am correct in assuming that the $299 per yr is for creating, hosting, the whole works and that you just renew each year?
  • Fred333Fred333 subscriber Posts: 0
    That sounds like a great idea for a site. With the budget that you stated I am sure you can find a freelancer to do some nice work for you.
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