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Newbie intro and need an Expert’s help!

jladdsmithjladdsmith subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2007 in Marketing
Hello Everyone: 
Newbie here to the board, though I`ve lurked for a while.  As means of an intro, I`m a marketing-minded entrepreneurial type (though currently working for someone else) that truly loves this stuff but need some help!  It seems that everything that I thought was right was wrong. 
This is why I`m reaching out to the fine folks at SUN for some advice. Let me first preface this by saying that I truly love my job, and the success of these campaigns really determines whether or not I get to keep it. 
Ok, here`s the situation:  We are a small software company that operates in a niche area of healthcare.  There are less than 10 real competitors in the niche.  We did work on some SEO stuff when we first started, but mostly our traffic comes through PPC campaigns.  Thankfully, the boss pretty much signed on to the many iterations of this idea, and has supported me with the development team whenever necessary.  We have database integration, business intelligence, and chat technologies that I use to monitor/interact with prospects who come in mostly through PPC.  The PPC campaigns are pretty optimized and now I have a landing page for each major ad group that pretty much speaks the same language as the queries.  For example, if someone out there is looking for "Green XYZ Healthcare Software", the title and content is all about how we can help them with "Greeen XYZ......." you get the idea. 
Our conversion rate on visitors to prospects, or those who give us any information is HORRIBLE.  I don`t even know what it is, but it`s less than half a percent.  By this, I mean less than 1 out of every 200 people that come in through a qualified query will actually hit the `contact us` button.   Sooooo, we decided to take a different approach- squeeze pages.  Actually more like "tell them what you`re going to tell them" pages.  Here`s the kicker:  Instead of having them fill out a little form for an information packet or whatever, when they click to go to the `demo center`, they are prompted for the usual name and email, and then a chat window opens up.  The idea was that this would be an actual tour through the demo center where we could offer an engineer`s expertise in this niche at no charge.  We had hoped that this would give us a better idea of their actual situation, and be able to guide them in the right direction.  They are just not clicking through to enter the process.  I truly have no idea what is the problem.  The design is nice (we actually sorta copied it from a sales-oriented company- thinking that they knew what they were doing).  The message is very clear, and speaks directly to their query, but no response! 
Is there anyone on the board that truly understands the psychology of how these pages work?  I know there`s no magic bullet or standard template that works, but I really thought we were being innovative here, and that these people would want to learn how we can help. 
About 25 people click through each day.  Our intelligence software can identify about 1 out of 10 that come through, but it kills me when I see someone come in (unknown entity) real time from the perfect query for the niche software that we provide, and then nothing happens.  If there is someone that could truly help, we would be happy to pay for the assistance. 
I could provide a WebEx or gotomeeting session for anybody that truly thinks they can help.  Thank you very much in advance! 


  • bertbert subscriber Posts: 12
    Where do your visitors come from? bert2007-6-13 17:41:8
  • ktoddktodd subscriber Posts: 1
    You might find that because you are nitch, it limits the viability of your product for many of your visitors.  If not and your just not getting them to give you their information you might consider using a contest to get information.  The following site was built to help small business attract leads www.caffeinenow.com/successid</A>
    I don`t have personal results yet because we are just introducing it on our site, but many of the companies I work with at AMA (American Marketing Association) have had only good things to say about the program.
  • jladdsmithjladdsmith subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Bert, our visitors come from Pay Per Click campaigns (Sponsored Search) in Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. 
    They click on an ad that matches their search query in the search engine.
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