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Hi guys, I am fairly new to this forum so please forgive me if I double posted the topic.  I originally posted about my blog in the "Marketing" forum before knowing about this "Website Critique" is my blog that I started to chronicle my triumph, defeat and everything else in between while trying to launch an Internet startup in Houston Texas.  The only thing I withhold from revealing is the business model at its core that will generate revenue.  I think it`s not the right time to reveal that part yet but down the road it will be gradually presented.  There are two reason why I blog about it:1.) To keep an archive of processes, smart decisions, stupid decisions, mistakes, and things that will serve as a learning guide for future Internet entrepreneurs to learn from.2.) As a marketing vehicle to create some pre-launch buzz in order to have a base of early adopters to get off the gate with.Any feedback will be welcomed, and I also invite you to tag along for the ride
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    Thanks Craig.The web site itself is not ready yet.  Still in alpha phase ... under development.  I am hoping to reveal the site URL son and invite netizens to participate in beta testing.  For now, I`ll just have to do with the blog
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    Actually, good websites are never a finished product; they`re always changing, growing, being improved upon.Also, most blog software allows you to make both a blog and a static-page website. A great way to bring people back to your site is to keep it fresh.
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    Agreed.  There needs to be a certain set of functionalities and features before a site can be launched.  It will always need improvement but at the very least it needs to have enough to grab users attention at the get go.I may get a screen print of the home page soon on my blog
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