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Collegiate Product Licensing

NetworkingInNCNetworkingInNC subscriber Posts: 2
I recently joined SUN and while I have not completed my profile - I do have a question.  Has anyone gotten a product licensed with a collegiate logo?  Maybe you went through CLC or other licensing agent.  Would love to learn how the process went and what went good and bad!!
Great information on this site and hope I can contribute.


  • RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    i think "braceletlady" does collegiate licensing for her products - she attended one of our speeches and had UM products, as i recall. track her down and ask!
  • NetworkingInNCNetworkingInNC subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks Rich.  I have sent a message to her.
  • RipRip subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Jimmy,
    I currently hold licenses for about 20 schools.  There is more than one licensing body that you will have to go thru to be able to produce merchandise for a college.  CLC is the largest licensing body to go thru.  I will warn you now that it is not an easy process and expect it to take up to a year to become licensed depending on your product.  Just be prepared to wait and don`t get discouraged.
  • RipRip subscriber Posts: 1
    Actually we make ladies apparel for the college market.  We have a small factory where we cut and sew to order for the college bookstore market.  We have been doing this for about five years now with a partner and he has just retired.  All of a sudden we are on our own.  Lots of fun trying to make sure we do things right.
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