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Company Procedures Development Methods?

TechShopJimTechShopJim subscriber Posts: 1
I`ve started a business and it is taking off faster than I expected.  I want to document all the company procedures before it grows more so I can hire staff to carry out daily operations.Is there software, a web-based system, or other method that you all use to create, maintain and publish company procedures documents?Thanks!


  • keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    A man after my heart - SOPs - why successful companies keep trudging along. Process-dependent over people-dependent.
    I use to simply use Word to write SOPs for clients but now use Quark, a publishing program that allows one to setup format and insert pages, etc. - but not something I would recommend for a novice. I`m sure there are lots of SOPs programs out there but I can not vouch for any - sorry.
    But good for you for getting started on this at an early stage of your business. Years down the road, you`ll be really glad you did. Just keep doing it - don`t stop the practice.
    Good luck.
  • TechShopJimTechShopJim subscriber Posts: 1
     Hi Jeff...That would be "Standard Operating Procedure".I agree with CraigL that this set of documents is highly critical for my new business, but I need to be able to control them.  Imagine trying to explain everything to a stranger!  Maybe that would work, but it would be expensive and frustrating.I am of the Michael Gerber "E-Myth" school in which you always develop a set of SOPs for your business as if you are going to franchise your business, even if you never actually do.I am building this business to be a stand-alone business...not a job for me.More suggestions please!   
  • TechShopJimTechShopJim subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks, CraigL...I`ll check this out right away!
  • TechShopJimTechShopJim subscriber Posts: 1
     I just checked out WhizFolders a little bit, but I`m not sure it does what I want.  I guess it would work, but it seems cumbersome.There must be some solution out there...I can`t be the only one in the world that needs this functionality!I`m fearful that I will end up having to write my own SOP management software...I have the ability, but I don`t have the time! 
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    CraigL... WhizFolders sounds like a great application. I quickly clicked your link and started reading the page... Maybe you can recommend another thing to the company? Create a Mac version. I was sad to see there is no download option for me.
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Cool. Thanks Degrees. I will definately look into it! I really didn`t expect a response/answer to my post.
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