Do I patent a product I didn`t invent, but my name is on?

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 I found a product that I would like to market.  It`s not a widely sold thing, in fact I`ve never laid my eyes on it here in the US.  I do believe with the right name and marketing it could be a great seller. 
However, I did not invent this product. I did find a manufacturer in China.  How does this work? They will make the product with my name, logo, etc. Do I need to patent or trademark this??
Any suggestions? Thanks! I`m soooo very new to all of this.


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    Many products don`t have any known patent but hugely useful - the round wheel comes to mind   LED flash lights are other examples.  Once a component is sold, the price includes any IP related to it.  Paid for, done with.
    Thus you can buy a manufactured good, repackage it under your choice of brand, and good luck with your business of selling them.  You can but do not need to apply for a ** registered **trademark.  Trademarks are yours if they`re unique and you use it in commerce, by default.  Registered trademarks give you more right in case of infringement.
    Caveat:  I`m not an trademark attorney.  Attorneys never give free legal advices, as they consider they`re liable for their legal advices.
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    Wow, that is excellent information to know. Thank you so much. I`m in such early stages right now that I`m trying to find all the information that I can get. 
    What a wonderful site this is, that people like you with a wealth of knowledge can share! 
    Thank you again!
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