Selling a non-patentable item??

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So it`s my understanding that some things cannot be patentable which are basic in nature, like a standard broom, a jump rope, etc.
The item I`d like to sell is just like this, it is a silicone bracelet (think LivStrong) that I will be buying from a manufacturer in China.  Is there anything I need to know about purchasing something and selling/marketing it in my name under my business?  This bracelet will have my logo on it to distinguish that it is mine. 
Just wondering how this would work.


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    I haven`t started this business as of yet, I`m trying to get all of my information together to know where to start.  I have samples currently being shipped to me, however I`m thinking I should start trademarking. I just didn`t know where to start first - do I see if the product is what I want it to be before I trademark a name?  Or finalize my name, trademark it and then move from there. 
    It`s all a bit overwhelming
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    That`s what I thought.  I`m just in the starting stages and currently waiting on a samples.  The bracelet has a dual purpose so I`ll be selling it as is.  
    Thanks so much!
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    Well the bracelet that I`m purchasing actually changes from white to 3 darker shades depending on the UV Index. It helps one determine the level of sunscreen they should be wearing on any given day. My daughter has lupus and I thought this would be a great product for people with lupus, skin cancer and those who are just generally health conscious about the sun.  I plan on marketing to different areas such as dermatologist offices all the way to anywhere that sells sunscreen like drug stores, sport oriented stores, etc.   
    I`m not quite sure how I could change the bracelet really.  I`m open for suggestions!
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