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Dating website idea,what is next?

JessicaBrownJessicaBrown subscriber Posts: 1
Hi, i have a new kind of dating website idea. So i made a mockup website, registered my trademark but now i am lost on what steps to take, maybe someone could help.
A website seems to be a risky invention since they can be easily copied so it seems that traditional invention process cannot apply to me.
1. I could go try to sell my idea to some dating services but they can easily just steal it from me as i think i cannot patent a website.
2.I could create the real website and put it online but that would cost me a lot of time and effort and since i am not a current expert in that field, another website already popular could easily copy my idea.
Well so that is where i am, could you help me out please? what would you do? Websites can generate millions think about facebook,dating.com,myspace etc...


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    RiujinZeroRiujinZero subscriber Posts: 2
    They can`t copy an idea if you have a copyright on it.  I`m not an expert but everything on your website is considered intellectual property I think.  No one can copy your idea as long as you get the right patents and trademarks put in place.
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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    "A website seems to be a risky invention since they can be easily copied"
    A site can be copied ( i.e. layout, colors, images, etc. ), but if your idea involves unique scripting then it would take an experienced programmer to try to figure out how to duplicate that function.
    "I could create the real website and put it online but that would cost me a lot of time and effort"
    If the idea is that good, the time and effort may be worth it. There is often no reward without taking a risk, and it sounds as if you`re afraid to do anything with the idea at this point. Personally I don`t think it will, or can, go anywhere unless you take that risk.
    One suggestion is to hire a programmer that agrees that all work he performs for you belongs to you, and they cannot replicate or resell the scripting they write for you. It isn`t ironclad, but it`s a thought. SUN and a few other websites can hook you up with reputable programmers.
    One thing to remember is that, no matter how good you think your idea is, it`s only good if others think it`s a good idea as well. Have you discussed this isea with anyone to get feedback or input?
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    fencingfencing subscriber Posts: 0
    All you can do is set up the site, as Webline says.  Ideas cannot be copyrighted, but your code can be and important parts of it can be well hidden.  Then get out where your main target market is and promote, promote, promote.  If you are successful, there will be immitators, but that will happen no matter what your approach is.  Be the first.  Be the best.  That`s the only solution.
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    ArcherTCArcherTC subscriber Posts: 1
    I agree with fencing, above.
    If the Startup Nation community has taught us nothing else, it`s that brilliant ideas are nothing without investment of time, money and sweat.  That`s why there`s one Facebook, not 10; one mypsace, not 10.
    Nearly everyone has a big idea.  Really.  Almost all of them never even make it onto a thin sheet of paper.
    If you do not want to sell your idea nor invest in it yourself, give the Internet time and, yes, someone who is willing to do either will ...or  someone will come up with something even better.
    And, hey, nothing wrong with that.  Remember: MOST don`t.
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    KimberlyJonesKimberlyJones subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Jessica,
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