Setting-Up a Facebook Business Page: What to Know

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Facebook now allows users to create dedicated "pages" for businesses, products, brands, etc. I setup our page this weekend and thought I would share some insights for those thinking about doing this.
1. You will need a personal Facebook account to setup a business page. The reason is that business pages are managed and created from within your personal account as well as accessed via your personal login. So if you try to setup a business page first--which you can--you will actually be going through both setups at the same time. I was unaware of this and was a little confused that it kept asking for my personal information. My advice would be to setup your personal page first then add your business page afterwords.
2. Once I realized I had created both personal and business profiles I tried searching for my newly created busisness page. It would not come up in my search results. To fix this you need to become a "fan" of your business page. Apparently without any fans your page can`t be seen when you search.
3. Setting up the biz page is easy with relevant fields for your company description, mission, products, founded date, etc.
4. Groups vs Pages: Pages are new, but many companies have already setup groups for their product or business. I had found a few that had both a group and a newly created business page, which to me seems redundant. The key benefit of pages is the ability to access the new Facebook ad platform, which is pretty cool and described below:
5. Focused Ads: I only played around with this for a few minutes but it seems like a pretty cool way to focus your ad dollars. From your business page you can create a capaign which allows you to pinpoint demographic info, location, keywords, etc for your campaign. When you fill this information in Facebook calculates the potential number of users that fit your target profile. For example, Single, male, age 25-35, graduated from x college, lives in x state, has keyword interest like wine, wine drinking, red wine, etc, might show 5,000 users. Change a variable, and the user number is automatically recalcuated. Your ad will only go to this group of users.
Next step is to set your daily budget and how much your willing to pay per click through. High bids gives you better exposure. I might try a small experiment in the future to see how this works. I have read some folks getting good results at $.20 - $.50 per click. Overall, a pretty cool system.
5. I was very surprised how many other business in my industry--mostly Wine 2.0 folks and other bloggers--were setup on Facebook. I made several connections in just a few days. Not to mention, all my other freinds, associates, etc, that have pages and who will become part of our viral network. 
I wold love to hear others thoughts about how they are using Facebook.


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