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Hello, I developed a website for Native American Crafters in Wyoming, specifically on the Wind River Reservation and adjoining areas. The website is not only a site to be selling but it also is informational about the area and the people here. Now I need ideas as of to davertise, promote and get this site in to circulation. Please help! I am new to this and still in the baby stage when it comes to cyberspace and advertising.
You find me at www,wyomingwindrivercrafts.com
Thank you


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    I`ve been through the Wind River Reservation on a cycling trip. Crowheart Butte is one of my favorite landmarks. Beautiful area.
    If you`re a novice, you should go to the library/bookstore and read a few books on marketing and promotion. A college level textbook would be most useful for learning fundamentals. There are numerous books on Internet-based promotion and so forth.
    Hope this helps.
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