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I`m just wondering if many small business owners have ever thought of using text messaging either for promotional/marketing purposes or to automate tasks.  I`ve begun developing software that allows for either and we`re testing it out using our church`s youth group (we can send weekly reminders, automated happy birthday notes, or reminders for permission slips and the like).
Just looking to see how it would transfer into small markets...


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    It irritates the day lights out of me when I get a text message that is promotional. Hate `em.
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    Hate promo texts and spam texts. Nothing worse. Plus I have to pay for that Text that I didn`t even want to receive in the first place. Most annoying form of advertising there is. I didn`t ask to receive it, its not from anyone I know, its worse than email spam, but still my cellular company does not care nor know the difference, they just know I received a text and it ends up my allowance for texts and if I am over my 200 monthly texts in my plan, then I have to pay extra for it. Hate em as well
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    But what if it was an opt-in list?
    The service I`m developing is for organizations, like sports teams, so they can send out a quick announcement, like "practice is cancelled" without having to call anyone.  It`s setup as an opt-in only.  You can`t add a user, they must add themselves (like most reputable email lists)...
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    The opt in list is certainly much better, but I am wondering if there would be enough demand by teams, schools, groups, etc.
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    Well I`m developing it specifically for our church -- and I know other churches in the area would like a similar service.  But I`m just wondering if it`s worth trying to market it. 
    For example let`s say I own a small pizza shop.  I have a customer who orders a pizza on friday and I ask if they would like to be added to our "phone coupon list" where they will receive a text twice a month for specially-priced pizzas.  Then later in the month I text message that person with the weekly special.
    This saves me money because I didn`t have to send a flyer - and also I can target them at the right time.  If they came in on a friday at 8pm, then I can send out my text friday at 6pm when they`re starting to think about dinner.  Even if I sent a flyer, I can`t control when they`ll see it.  If they see it at 8am that doesn`t help my cause.
    It`s just a thought.  I have been reading about various campaigns, and there`s some very creative ideas out there.  And the conversion rates are phenomenal.
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