Looking to invest in restaurant startup in Chicago

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I am looking to invest in a restaurant startup in Chicago or even to further the growth (franchise opportunities) of an existing restaurant.
Please email me with your idea or existing restaurant business.  Thank you.


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    Here is the project in a nutshell; complete business package available.


    have a purchase agreement to purchase a restaurant building, land and assets for $490,000. The building and land alone is appraised at $620,000. There is also a $1 bill redevelopment plan starting this spring in the area of my property to include; upscale homes & Offices, Upscale retail which raise the property value even more.


    I have created a Restaurant Group (TRG) with Battlefield Grill (our first restaurant) to open in March…I have 4 other concepts in our future plans and then expand into various states within 5 years.


    The JVP that we have received a commitment from is funding $650,000 ($490,000 for the acquisition of the property & $160,000 in working/operating capital). However, after doing some research on this JVP Company it appears that they do not have a good background and has just been discredited so we are seeking private investors or an investment group.

    I am offering a 40% sharehold of the restaurant

    If this is a project you would be interested in seeing and assisting getting funded then I will speak with you and cease plans with the other JV…. Battlefield grill will be a full service restaurant with bar/lounge…Our plans are to create multiple concepts, operating in various states, eventually becoming a public company….


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    Sounds interesting.  Please contact me at jdlinnemeyer @ yahoo.com.  Thanks.
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    I believe that I have a fully vetted and comprehensive plan that can turn a profit and satisfy an investor in as short as 2 years.
    In a nutshell, my plan is to open a Dinner Theater/Comedy Club in the South Suburbs.  Currently there is very little entry into this market, though the interest and brand affiliation with these nationally recognized comedians as well as mid-sized venue concert performers has a loyal following that would sustain it indefinitely.
    A very similar business plan has been already constructed and followed in Texas (Spellbinder), which remained enormously solvent, popular and a relavent trend setter for 17 years. 
    In addition to a dinner theater auditorium, I do plan to have a more traditional dining hall that can seat 180 patrons at a time (the auditorium would seat 300-350).  I have already been working with land leasing agents, the Illinois Restaurant Association, Advertising agencies as well as technical and municipal agents who assure me that the idea has a considerable amount of merit and interest. 
    Am willing to be flexible and fair to terms, involvement.
    I have 12 years relevant management experience.  My security director has 10+ years security (armed and unarmed) experience.  A complete and comprehensive business plan is available to submit electronically and/or otherwise.
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    Can you send me your bus plan
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    Interested, I submitted my plan a while ago and am following up with that discussion.  Have you come to a decision or have you moved on?
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    Not sure if you are still interested in investing with a good restaurant concept. If you are please email me back at [email protected] and we can discuss further.
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