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happymotherof3happymotherof3 subscriber Posts: 1
    My name is Jennifer Cooke and i wanted to give everyone the chance to check out this great home business. The company is SFI and it requires no investment to get started working from home. All that is needed is a little time and effort. Now take the time go to my website and check it out you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.
website   http://www.moreinfo247.com/9318521/Free</A>
Or go to my store and shop at:


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    RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    is this a multi-level-marketing business?
    helping people understand the exact business "model" will help them assess the merits of such a business relative to their own interests and objectives.
    thanks for posting!
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    happymotherof3happymotherof3 subscriber Posts: 1
     Yes, this is a multi-level marketing business as I said before it requires no investment no monthly spending amount and if you can keep 10svp points per month which usually means just selling one item you share 4% of the profits sold by the entire company. So if you have a bad month and only sale one item and didn`t make much profit but you did get your 10svp points you still get profit sharing.      
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    RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    what`s the general success rate of people who get involved? that would be another helpful factoid if you really think people should get involved. of 10 people who get involved with this specific business, how many of them end up profitable?
    and who are the best people suited for this kind of biz?
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    happymotherof3happymotherof3 subscriber Posts: 1
    The general sucess rate depends on each individual and there own personal goals. It is a proven system with training and support from the company and other people in the company. The system is set up to even teach some one who is completely new to computers and internet. So who is this business for anyone who is willing tot take the time and learn to make the business work for them.
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    cugelertcugelert subscriber Posts: 7
    Hi Jennifer,
    I checked out SFI once earlier this year.  It was suggested by another program I was in at the time.  I hope you do good, although I only signed up for the newsletter and ended up being invited so become an affiliate about 5 to 10 times a day.  Besides that, I even ended up on some other lists and my emails skyrocketed from 20 junk a day to 60+, from many programs exactly like SFI.
    If you want to join just because its free, you should try shawn casey, alan brechtel, joe vitale, mike klaisme (sp)...  Any or all of them has programs just like what your chatting about.  But if you ask me, I`d go with a company called veretekk.com.  They seem to have the best tools for free and the programs are as good or better than SFI.  After all, they all have nice things to say about free and make money, and all, but the bottom line is... its a membership program and they are a dime a dozen right now all over the net.
    The only one I belong to right now allows me to be a brokers` broker for extremely high end sales items that go into the millions of dollars and I split 10% of the sales price if I find a buyer.  We even have a 952 carat ruby going for $1 billion.  Man, if I find a buyer for that... hmmm... whats 5 % of 1 billion??? lol.
    I even have castles all over europe and the uk, yachts, fine art collections, casinos, resorts, and much more I can offer up for sale.  Its free to sign up too... 
    Since I live in las vegas, I`m just waiting for the day when some rich person sits beside me at a bar on the strip so I can pitch him on a castle or something... he he...
    If your interested in signing up, let me know in case SFI isn`t working like all their sales copies say...
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