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What to do after a layoff...

jdossjdoss subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2009 in Home-Based Businesses
Hi, my name is J.  I`m pretty new around here.  When I registered I had a great idea for a Laser tag business.  That fell through and the economy went crazy.  Now I find myself posting for a different reason all together.
I have been working for a Horse Trailer sales company for 5 years.  they have been around for 23 years.  It is a small family owned business, even though they are one of the biggest on the west coast.  Over the past year the economy went down the hole. I say this because some of you may not be aware of this (that was an attempt at humor ) I am one of one salespeople in the office, not including the owners.  As of tomorrow I am officially laid off.
Job hunting is already looking scary.  I would like to see if there is a home based business/job that anyone would recommend for a married man of 34 with two kids 1 Asian leopard and a chiuaua. Is there a realistic option for working from home that will allow me to take my kids out of daycare and co-ordinate with my wife`s schedule to spend more time together?
I made about $2500 a month , If I work from home I will save about $450 in childcare and $240 in gas, but utilities will go up and health care would be needed, so it is a wash.  Are there any home based businesses or job from home that could fill this void.  TIA
J Dossjdoss10/30/2008 4:20 PM


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    VirtecomVirtecom subscriber Posts: 1

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    kimklinekimkline subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Jdoss,
    I am truly sorry to hear about your struggles.  I too was layed off in February of this year.  I have 2 boys to support as well as myself.  I have found a way to do that with United First Financial.
    We have a product that is changing lives.  We give our clients back hope and possibility.  We show them the way to Financial Freedom and how to build wealth. 
    Please take a look and let me know what you think.
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    dsprindledsprindle subscriber Posts: 2
    We feel your pain. We lost a business after eight years. But that led us to our new business that is more than we could have hoped for. It seems adversity is a way for us to grow and discover things far better than our past opportunities.
    Our advice is to be diligent in your search with an attitude that these circumstances will be the springboard for you to move towards fulfilling the desires in your heart.
    You will certainly be exposed to many ideas and offers here at StartupNation. Begin to think like an entrepreneur instead of an employee. We wrote an article about this here.
    All our best,
    Scott & Lauriedsprindle11/6/2008 6:50 PM
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    WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    i cannot agree more with scott and laurie.  i know it is easier said than done but try to see the positive in this situation.  maybe it is a blessing in disguise?  maybe it will give you a chance to reflect back and assess what you really want to do and where you want to be?
    having said that, in the interim i would personally cut back on expenses that are not needed (want based rather than need based).  if you can afford to stay w/o a job and do some research on what you want to do, then do it.  if you need a job i would get something to pay the bills and research in your spare time. make night and day one if you need to - you will only have to do it until you figure out what you want to do.
    i know some folks who have started businesses addressing needs of people who just got laid off.  they built the business around what their needs were when they were laid off.  there are opportunities in these troubling times. educate yourself as much as you can - SUN definitely provides the platform needed to educate you and then to take your idea into fruition.
    good luck to you and please keep us all posted...
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    john77jrjohn77jr subscriber Posts: 0
    I have been hearing this story all over the US.  I work with clients in every state that are saying the same thing.  What we do is provide a free consultation service.  Shoot me an email or reply here and I will email you.  I can help you find a business to work from home.
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    passion09passion09 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi J,

    Who Says Layoffs are bad? Layoffs are bad if one doesnt know what to do.
    Stay strong J. You can earn from home all by yourself and get paid hourly, without having to attend any work place. I have been doing it for the past 3 years now and i make nothing less than 3000$ a month and that too in my free time. check out these sites and start working for what you are really good at.
    1) www.odesk.com
    2) www.elance.com
    It is safe J. Dont worry, get registered for free, apply, and get started. Since you are lucky to have a beautiful family, right now have a good time with them, they`re precious.
    Good Luck J and happy working in ur FREE TIME.
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    alfonsalfons subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi, One of the most common sense thing you can do is evaluate what you are a good at. Then, look at how you can monetize that. Is there a hobby you have? Maybe you can monetize it. Do you have a passion? In my case, I also got laid off, so I wrote a book about something I cared about, which I am promoting now. That is giving me the experience to branch off into related niches.
    This is the web Site www.ifgodistruth.com
    I wish you luck.
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