One Stop Start-up Service?

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I`ve decided to use to get my sole-proprietorship turned into a corporation and get startup capital through them. Does anyone here have experience with a company like this? They say that they can get me up and running with multiple lines of credit in just a few months. I`m willing to stay in it for the long haul as being a sole-proprietor is going ok for me, but I`d like to be hiring actual employees by next year and am ready to grow.


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    Hey, I went with Goldfield when I got my company rolling! About 2 years ago, it took about 5 months to get my LLC and 4 lines of credit. I went with an aged shelf company that really has taken off well. Check out the corp credit, business credit post, it has a lot of good info on the subject. I don`t know anything about the companies they`re talking about in the thread though.
    But yeah, good luck with your new biz! If you want more info feel free to look me up, or if you need a good accountant to get your books started, that`s what I do.
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