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A Little Hut - general thoughts and photos

ALittleHutALittleHut subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2007 in Website Critique
Hello! I`m new to SN and I`m excited to contribute wherever I can. I`m interested in seeing what you think of my A Little Hut site. I sell block print note cards and wall art. I want to find out what you think about the photography and the layout and content in general. In particular I`m wondering if I need to provide a larger view of my products. BTW, I`m a graphic designer and I designed the web site myself. All your input is greatly appreciated.
ALittleHut2007-5-3 13:2:29


  • ALittleHutALittleHut subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for your lovely comments! Regarding my sets the cards are actually very close to being $3 because I only charge $19 for the sets of 6 cards vs $21 if I charged full price. I`m more than willing to sell sets in any combination of the illustrations so I may have to post that somewhere.
  • EmilyPEmilyP subscriber Posts: 0
    Your site is absolutely beautiful! It`s very simple and elegant - as are the cards and wall art. Very impressive. I don`t think you need to add a larger view of the cards; if you click on them, a larger view and description pop up, which works very well. 
  • ALittleHutALittleHut subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you so much Emily! I`m glad you like it. 
  • ALittleHutALittleHut subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Steve! Everyone has given me some great points to mull over. This is exactly the type of feedback I was looking for. Steve - I`ll definitely have to go back to your site when I have more time. What little I saw looks great.
  • ALittleHutALittleHut subscriber Posts: 1
    It`s funny that you mention the Online Store thing. That`s something that`s bothered me from the start. I really need to fix that. Moving the Order Info and View Cart up makes total sense. Thanks for that. I think when you look at something over and over again you don`t see the obvious.Great feedback thanks! BTW you do great work yourself.
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