Is Google Too Dominant?

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There`s no question Google has changed the internet - though some would argue not necessarily for the better. Critics point to Google`s dominance in search and pay-per-click advertising - just to name two areas of dominance and pray that another major player comes along to level the playing field - to challenge Google to provide better service.
What do you think? Would you like to see a serious Google competitor emerge? Or are you totally happy with Google and everything it brings to the table?
What are your thoughts?
Dale King


  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    Personally, I don`t have any problem with Google dominance. I haven`t thought about this extensively but web search might be one of those instances where a monopoly actually serves everyone`s interests most efficiently. If that`s truly the case, I`d much rather see that monopoly in the hands of a bunch of rebel nerds whose corporate motto is "don`t be evil" than, say, in the hands of government. Google`s services and products are great for the most part, and the company consistently stands up for the rights of its users. That`s not to say they`re perfect or that there`s no room for competition, just that I think the company handles its dominance much more responsibly than most über-entities.
    I agree with your position for the most part. Let`s face it, we could do a lot worse than Google!
    Dale King
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