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I found a great web site for all dude in web site designs.... like me!
I could learn about to have a domain, hosting, domain name registration fees web maintenace, search engine promotion, URL, POP3, ODBC, MYSQL, SSL, spiders, meta tags... what`s that?
Well, all kind of terms that normal and ordinary people like me don`t know and don`t understand. Yeah, I found a really informatif website.  I think it is a great way to sell a service and attract clients, customers.  They offer you the time to discuss your questions and ideas.  Thing that I feel most of designers don`t like to do. (Or maybe I feel ashamed to ask for it.) 
That`s what I liked to read/heard that someone is happy to give some time and information and explain me in what you are going to help me, in what and why I need your services instead to hear blaming me that I don`t know this and that. and I should know this and that.  Well I`m giving you client`s opinion.  Don`t get mad and harsh.  ....  I know you don`t and you won`t
For the experts, please let me know your comments about those web sites.</A></A>
Thank you


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    Oh, other thing that I liked from was to see team`s pictures at the top of the home page and all pages.
    Then, the team icon.  All the team members with their pictures, name, position and little description about them.
    I like to see and know who is behind a web site, mail or whateverelse through the web.  And maybe to who I will ask for her/his services.
    Well, I`m maybe too visual... but who isn`t when it is about the web?
    About me! I couldn`t have my pictures here because they are to big
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    Their portfolio!!  
    It is incredible how creativity make all the difference.
    The quality of pictures!  I loved it.  This is one of most important things in a web site:  great quality of pictures.
    I think if I was a web designer I won`t ever post anything in my portfolio having so cheap quality of pictures.
    Again, I think I`m too visual.
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