Affiliate Marketing Website vs The Regular E-commerce....

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I have been thinking about this for a while....
If I want to create a new website tomorrow - what do you recommend? A content website filled to the top with valuable information and affiliate ads related to the content. OR the regular e-commerce site?
Whats better? 


  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    Aaron, it`s not a question of which is better, because if you know what you`re doing you can be successful with either one. A better question is, which is better for you? And the only one who can answer that question is you.
    That being said, if it were me, I`d build a content site loaded with valuable content and featuring my own products or services. However,  I have to warn you. With a content site, you need to be totally committed to keeping the content refreshed. And I can tell you from personal experience, that requires a lot of hard work. And if you`re not willing to make that commitment, a content site is not the way to go.
    Dale King
    DKing2/10/2008 5:19 PM
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