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I`ve started a business based and centered around helping other businesses grow. What I do is provide consumer data to businesses that are looking to advertise (telemarketing, email marketing, or `snail-mail` postal marketing) to customers in their local area or vicentity. I provide businesses with genuine optin records, or full consumer records, including:First, Last, Address, City, State, ZIP, Phone, Gender, Age, IP Address, Date stamp, Source
My site has a feature where you can search geographically by zip code (and a radius of that ZIP code (up to 50 miles). You can run a FREE search here to see how it works:</A>
Basically my advertising efforts so far have been fax blasting (have only sent about 5000 1 page faxes to businesses around the US. It hasn`t been too responsive, although I have gotten 1 remove request. Eventually I plan to put a lot of money to use in PPC (Pay Per Click) Search Engine Advertisement. That is my plan so far. Any comments/ideas? Would be very gratefull for a young guy like me. I`d like to see this take off so I can do college at the same time without having to work some greasy place like Mick-donnellds or Tockoe-Bell or Windies. I am a computer geek/techie... I don`t need to smell like grease and hamburgers and french fries to get through college.
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