ideas on selling network marketing business

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   Does anyonr have suggestions as to where or how I might go
about selling a network marketing downline with 300+ people? 
Thanks for your input.

Zach Thomspon


  • zachthompsonzachthompson subscriber Posts: 3
      Yes these people are quite productive. One of the reps even earned the last incentive.

      This position was created in January of this year.  The
    team does a min. of 14K in sales every 4 weeks.  Sometimes it is
    as high as 18K in sales volume.  I can provide a document showing
    sales volume as well as all reps & members in the downline upon
    request.  My email is: zcthompson at

       I am "upline" of this position & will train the buyer.  This position belongs to an inactive rep. in my team.

    Zach Thompson
  • zachthompsonzachthompson subscriber Posts: 3
    This position isn`t mine - it belonged to a team member that is no longer with us.  I gross about 105K with my other 2 positions & don`t plan to sell either of them . 
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    What`s the company and is there a website? How much?I think as much information you can give us would help. Of course everyone wants to protect their interests and position when it comes to sales and i respect that but in order to be of any real good use to you i personally will need more information. Why don`t you send me a message... or pm me...
  • zachthompsonzachthompson subscriber Posts: 3
    Thank you for your interest.  The company is Mannatech (MTEX).  You will get a website just like mine -</A> .  I`ll pm you more details & a downline genealogy.
    Zach Thompson
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