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Business Name

SiouxzanneSiouxzanne subscriber Posts: 5
edited November 2007 in Business Planning
I am new to SuN. I wanted to see what you think about a business name. I have gone back and forth about my business name. I make custom ordered handbags. I have always wanted it to be The Gingham Ladybug. (Yes there is a meaning behind the name.) Others have said that I should keep it simple - something like Handbags by Siouxzanne. I toyed with that for a bit but have gone back to The Gingham Ladybug. Here is my reason - Yes I am starting off making handbags but I am finding when designing those I am getting ideas for other items. (I.E. Handmade pillow Cases.) I would like a name that does not pigeon hold me into one product. And besides I have created a great logo for this name. (A Ladybug with Gingham Wings. Pink - My signature color.) What do you think?


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    stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I like it alot. I think that you sound happy and inspired by the name, so that you be your choice then. If you choose it, then register that domain and start getting your business up and running. You must be talented, I can`t wait to see your designs!
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    MackVVVMackVVV subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree Siouxanne, Stick with your intended business name and logo since you are so happy with them. Just to answer your concern if it would be direct and evident, I suggest putting a word beneath the logo for each type of idea. All in the same fontype each time. Like if its for handbags, its your logo, The Gingham Ladybug (or if you want, The Gingham Ladybug`s) and then underneath in smaller (but readable and cute) letters are "handbags." You can do this with other ideas you can come up down the line like "pillows" or  "scarves." Initially, you could stick with the same fontype and differ slightly on their colors. As your products differ though, you may want to change the fontype for each product depending on how you market it.  Like for example, scarves, something wispy and elegant would be a great fontype for the word.
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    SiouxzanneSiouxzanne subscriber Posts: 5
    Thank You All for you input.
    MackVVV - Thanks for the suggestions. It is funny when I designed the Logo I acutually did the wings in different colors - I.E. Pink for Hanbags, Teal for Bedding Etc. I love the idea of the different font types also.
    CampSteve - Someone else made that suggestion also and it did not make sense to me until you put it in the context that you did. Thank You. I have not printed my new business cards and I will take your advice. (Right now I make my own cards. I print them than back them with different scrapbooking paper. They look the same on the front and vary on the back.)
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    Jaun22Jaun22 subscriber Posts: 0
    I think the name sounds great. You want people to recognize you by name alone. I would also make sure to secure your domain name on the net. In case you want a website.Jaun2211/13/2007 1:47 PM
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    GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    I agree, The Gingham Ladybug is a great name!
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    smallbizcoachsmallbizcoach subscriber Posts: 0
    Go with Gingham! Much better to brand than your own name and worth a lot more money in the future if you ever had the opportunity to sell the company.
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