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Home Staging Anyone



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    kneecykneecy subscriber Posts: 0
    Hope I`m not too late in answering your question..But you can put a "mechanics lien "  on the property. Just go the city clerks office in the town. Either they do it or tell you where to go and get it done..Very easy to do. They can`t sell their property at all until title is clean.. That`s why they pay for a title search..The title must be clean of no liens against the property before they can sell it. I hope this helps. Also you draw interest as long as it is not paid. So you can come out with more money than you originally asked for.. Don`t hesutate to take these people to court, too. Whether they sell their house or not they still owe you..
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    TheBigETheBigE subscriber Posts: 0
    I would recommend seeking out an attorney and see how the property mechanics leins work in your county/state.  If you can place a lein on the property you should get paid out of closing.  Pending bankrupcies and situation where there is more owed than made on the deal would leave you high and dry.  The few staging situations that i have seen get paid up front.I agree with the idea of a lien, or using a potential lien as leverage. We`ve never been stiffed on a job and usually get paid in full as soon as the home has been staged. However, we recently staged a $9mm new construction home and took a deposit, but we`re still owed $8k. The out-of-state owner has been non-responsive of late, and  we`re getting prepared to step up the pressure if necessary. While I believe we`ll most likely get paid soon, playing nice-nice only works to a point, and we`re not going to establish a precedent of taking it in the shorts. I think most people, including realtors, understand that business is business, and there is a time and place for taking a tough stance. In fact, they typically say as much if we have a slow-paying client, and I guarantee that if it was their fee at stake, they wouldn`t be turning the other cheek.BTW, I`m enjoying the discussions here.E
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    LindaBLindaB subscriber Posts: 4
    Like any contractor I would ask for a 50 % deposit which would be due at contract signing ie when they hire you.  The balance would be due upon the completion of your work not when the job is done.
    In the beginning you could consider asking for 30 pct upon completion with the balance 20 pct due when they sell the house but this does leave you open to the risk of not getting paid the final balance. I would only do this if I had to until I got established.
    Hope this helps.
    Linda, NYC
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    ExtravExtrav subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Gerri,
    I am putting together a staging business and am having a very hard time locating a staging contract that doesnt intimidate the client. I have tried using an equipment lease contract, but that wasnt right either. Where did you get your contract? Any help that you can offer would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks so much!
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    MargieGregorieMargieGregorie subscriber Posts: 0

    way we live in our home, and the way we sell and market our home are two
    different things".
    We all know that when we walk into a furnished model home, we admire it`s
    appearance. Why?
    There is no clutter, and no distractions to help us visualize ourselves
    living there. This is how through staging, your home will be a Showcase
    to the buyers. Making those who view your home head over heels in love
    with it.
    For more information you can check my site:

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    StagerStager subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Margie,
    I just visited your website and as a sister ASPM , I must say it is beautiful! I wish you the best in your business and will hopefully meet you at convention some time.
    Many Thanks,
    Gerri Downen ASPM
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    tamgilltamgill subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello all,
    I have read all 11 pages of postings. I am researching everything possible to start my own home staging business. A coworker and I are in this together and are just trying to feel things out to get started. I have an art degree and also am a photographer.  My husband and I do all our own home improvements and I think would come in handy because we do everything from painting and sheet rocking, laying tile, staining, building, etc. I feel I will have a big advantage over alot of the stagers in the area who subcontract everything out. Which I am not saying is a bad idea but if we could do everything ourselves that would be and advantage. i have never been able to pursue my dream in the world of art and design. I feel home staging is my calling and everything I research pushes me more into it. I have always been one of those safe players mainly because I have 2 children and I am young and always worried to do something for myself or spend money on something for me when it could be going to things for my kids. I finally feel i should just do this for myself. I feel i have done all the research from being certified to not being certified and what to charge and who to market to. I feel its all overwhelming and just don`t know if I should just start marketing. I am glad I read this forum before I decided to give my services away for free. I see now that is a bad idea. I was discussing this with my family and asking if they thought i should get certified and they showed me I have an art degree and that is my certification. Which is very true. I keep telling myself I need to get certified to make myself marketable to homeowners, realtors etc. So as I am rambling on here. I had a few questions.
    1. Do I need to show big fancy brochures to help sell myself. (Money of course in these times is tough and is part of the trouble getting started. Also a problem for me to pay for certification).
    2. I have printed up business cards should I just start distributing them out?
    3. What all do I need to have in order before I stage my first home?
    4. Is staging family and freinds and my own home REAL credibility?
    5. We have been purchasing things here and there. Nothing more than a couple hundred dollars on some accessories but still should we wait until we get our first home to see what we need?
    6. Would it be totally off the wall to go to the banks with all of these forclosures and let them know what we could do for them? Which leads to my next question.
    7. Renting furniture? Where?
    8. Who do I contact for insurance?
    9. Is it required to get a Federal Identifaction number for tax purposes?
    10. We will be in this home staging business as a partnership? Do we need to set up a General Partnership or LLC? Is it neccessary?
    11. We are both keeping our fulltime jobs in the economic times my family can`t afford to lose my full time income. Our companies hours were cut and we now have Fridays off and then evenings and weekends. I felt this would be great for marketing to people that we are available outside of work hours. Does this sound impossible to do part time and during those hours.
    So thats what I have so far. Any and all advice is wanted here to help us out in our pursuit of our dreams. We are in our twenties and feel it is time and that we are more than capable and qualified for this but need questions answered and the push in the right direction.
    Thanks so much for listening!!
    Tamaratamgill5/12/2009 12:02
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    StagerStager subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Tamara,
    Well, It sounds like you are ready to jump in and get busy! My best advice for you is to focus on a simple business plan.....we don`t go on a vacation without a map so why would we embark on a new profession without a plan? Take a good look at some of the business plans offerred on StartUpNation, they offer a lot of great tips. That is where the journey begins.
    Best of luck to you and let me know how things work out!
    Gerri Downen ASPM
    President Unity Staging
    Founding President St. Louis Chapter IAHSP
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    tamgilltamgill subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Gerri,
    We definately are on our way. We did put together a business plan and think we are going in the right direction just looking for more answers to all my above questions . Thanks for responding.
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    AnOrderLeeHomeAnOrderLeeHome subscriber Posts: 0
    I am in a similar position - feel like a pioneer blazing a trail through the wild, wild west somedays.  After running a series of informal tests, I have almost given up on going the realtor`s route and am going directly to my clients: real estate investors and the property owners themselves (cold calls, free presentations about staging).  This is generating results.  I figure, when the selling community demands staging, realtors will come around.  Anyway, marketing directly to the people who pay for the service makes sense.
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    TracyYoungTracyYoung subscriber Posts: 0
    Yes Debra, I think of it in very simple terms: If you can add $50,000 to a property's selling price, what does the owner care about a $1,000 fee or more? How many times would YOU take a $1 note into the bank if they would exchange it for a $50? This is the beauty of running a <a href="http://www.homestagingreview.com">home staging business</a>.
    I know it's scary when you're first starting out, but as you say in the article, there are just too many factors beyond your control. For me, working on contingency sounds like a great way to do work for free. I say if you provide a valuable service, then charge accordingly.
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    brianbakerbrianbaker subscriber Posts: 1
    I have been also looking for home staging ideas to add up on a home building business aspects. I have thought of getting some ideas at http://caldwells.com/ as I heard they are doing great when it comes to home staging. What about your other resources and plans when it comes to the same ideas?
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