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JeannieJeannie subscriber Posts: 8
Hello SUN members.. I need some help...
I have contacted a couple of art website companies and briefly told them about my product.  One art company is interested and asked me to give them a sample for testing and evaluation.  They also said, "send ALL information regarding purchasing etc..." 


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    Hi Jeannie,I am not too familiar with the art business, but as for selling to retailers there are a number of "etc"s they could be referring to.  For example, my retailer packet consists of all my products, product images, available sizes, available colors, wholesale prices, suggested retail, a credit application, ordering tips, shipping info, terms & conditions, and target market info.Again this is specific to my particular industry (retail clothing), but I`m sure there are many similarities regarding the "etc"s you are asking about.Hope this is helpful.
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    When I was in the same situation I made no effort to hide the fact that
    I was new at this and didn`t know what I was doing. The way I look at
    it, they probably already know or will eventually anyway. That said,
    you gotta do what you`re comfortable doing.

    Just yesterday my wife was telling me about walking
    into a local outlet of a national chain, talking with the management, leaving
    some samples and a sales letter. I reminded her of the first time she
    took our products into a store. She was so nervous she asked the owner
    for "backlash." He thought for a second and asked "don`t you mean
    feedback?" We still laugh about it.

    Steve2006-11-29 16:11:2
  • JeannieJeannie subscriber Posts: 8
    Dear SnoMon,
    Yes, that is very helpful! I covered everything accept the credit application, ordering tips and terms & conditions from your list.  At least I know what some of the etc.. means now. Thanks!
    Dear Steve,
    Yes, I`m sure the retailer will be able to tell that I am new at this if we meet.  But since they only told me to mail them my samples and info, I figured, it gave me some time to find out from SUN what the usual retailer packet consisted of.   I`m sure, I will be just as nervous as your wife was.  
    Thanks! ...Jeannie
  • JeannieJeannie subscriber Posts: 8
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