Looking For Help Launching A Web-Based Business

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I’ve developed an automated market timing system to time exchange traded funds (ETFs). It has two objectives: to consistently outperform financial market averages, and to minimize the risk of doing so.
Since 2000 (back-tested) my system has grown an initial investment over 800%, while the S&P 500 has actually lost money. My model is even making money in the current market (It’s showing we should all be in long-term bonds – BTTRX, TLT, etc).
I would like to offer this service to interested investors (weekly buy/hold/sell alerts), but I need a couple partners to help me get my ideas off the ground. I’m looking for:



A website design guru that can create and host a concise and informative site.


A marketing/sales person with a plan to grow business.


Please email me ([email protected]) if you’re interested in teaming up. I could use the same two types of people in another (more complicated) venture as well.

FrankM9/15/2008 2:31 PM


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    Your idea sounds great and I happen to know someone who spent 2 years creating a software that sounds a bit similar to yours. He is almost done with it, so I cannot reveal anything until he finishes in about 2 weeks.
    Anyway, if budget is an issue, you can find excellent people on www.elance.com to design a website, etc. Just post your project and wait for the offers to come in.
    Good luck!
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