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Retail Owners!
This question will sound completely ignorant to you, so please keep in mind I am still in the early stages of my retail education!
When you purchase a POS system for your store, do you have to purchase a separate laptop/desktop computer for your office to "sync" or network with the POS?
I`m trying to figure out how I will use the POS system to track inventory, order more inventory, print reports, financials, etc.  I see that some of the POS systems have those capablilities, I`m just not sure if that is something I do right from the cash register or if it is networked with a computer in an office that I do the administrative work from.
Sorry if that isn`t clear, I guess I just need a brief lesson on how a POS system works and what else you need to go with it to run your business.


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    I actually looked at that one, and also the POS system from Microsoft.  I`m not at a point where I am ready to purchase it yet, I`m just trying to get my ducks in a row and learn as much as I can.  I was planning to purchase a laptop anyway, so it won`t really be an extra expense.
    Thanks for your help!!!
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