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Hello all, I own a computer support business in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and I`ve put together a website to help small businesses with technology support.  I would sure love to hear your feedback on the content and look of the site.   If would especially love to know what computer challenges you`ve faced as an entrpreneur. My goal is to provide a useful, easy to navigate technical resource for the small business owner.
Here`s the site address:


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    Hi Craig,
    Yes, makes sense.  I appreciate the feedback, and I agree.  The original "purpose" of the site was to be just an information source (was thinking of making income from google ads, ebooks, etc..) and only recently have I thought of changing it more into a "business sales" site.. You correctly noticed the ambiguity..  I`m going to have to decide the true purpose and as you said make it more active in that direction.  Thanks for your thoughts!
    Ellen Davis
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    Whatever computer system you own, either a desktop or a notebook, you
    would definitely have experienced running into troubles arising due to
    outdated device drivers.
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