My Pitch: New Extreme Ping Pong game will be HUGE!

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The facts are: Ping Pong or Table Tennis is the 2nd most played sport in the WORLD with OVER 3,000,000 current players!
My product is a MUCH more fun & exciting EXTREME version of the classic game, yet much more modern, with faster scoring, unique play off of clear Plexi-glas "walls" and players are able to choose playing with a paddle in BOTH hands in they desire!
Some people have called my game "Ping Pong on STEROIDS"
But I call it "OFF THE WALL Extreme Ping Pong!
Its very simple in its form, function marketing & shipping.
It sets up on a standard Ping Pong Table in less then 1 min.
It requires no manufacturing, just pack & ship precut parts & pieces.
It promotes Health, Fitness & Brain function, so its a WIN-WIN Business Startup that the masses will love & the Mass media will help promote for its Fitness qualities!
I know people sure did LOVE it in my market research, where people ages 8-60 LOVED to not just play it, but watch it, giving this a PRIME TIME TV  market as well!
*The kids actually fought over who got to play the next game, even with all the current Video games available!!!
Its low cost & high profits with with cost being right around $100, wholesale at $200 and a retail of around $299.
My early business plan will create 100,000 sold units the very first year to the tune of $8,000,000 in profits! YES the 1st year!!!
And yet...I have so much more in profits planned!
Additional profits will also come from:
Championship Tourney play, Ad sponsorships, TV markets, Video games (Wii?) and a whole new group of "OFF THE WALL" brand name products tro be sold via the Web ( E-Commerce site/Community forums where players can also post their action video clips!
I want to get thgis started ASAP as I want for the first annual Off the Wall Championship Tourney to be played in Tampa during Super Bowl week Feb 2009!
*I am so excitied about this Sports game product business venture that I fully expect "OFF THE WALL" to become a future Oylmpic event!
I am seeking real serious cash Investors/Partners with around $75,000 to get OFF THE WALL" Off the ground!


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