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I need your help....

huiedeehuiedee subscriber Posts: 7
edited January 2009 in Website Critique
I am new to SUN and have just read the article on how to get a better critique for your website. I had previously written one but thought I needed to re-do, as my desire to succeed is great. I know I have found a great niche market I just need some feed back in going forward.
I am excited about my new company. I however would like to get some feedback on the content, the lay out and if "user friendly". I got the site professionally done but have not invested in SEO... I am wondering can I do anything to drive traffic to my website by attempting to do some SEO by myself? Help! Tagwords...?? Is my service a "luxe" product? How can I improve web traffic to my site and to generate clients. I have make contacts with Doctors offices and have not seen any results yet... not giving up thou. In the mean time I need to generate traffic and a buzz? Can I do a press release without yet having my first client? I need help in going forward. Any comments, advice etc will be appreciated. Please visit my website at www.pregnant-r-us.com .

Did you find my website?

Do you understand, or have any questions about the information on our site?

Does our website flow?

What is your opinion about the colour?

Is it easy to use and find your way around ?

Are images the right size?

Are our services clearlydisplayed?

Are all our forms easy to understand?

Do you like how our website looks and works? If not why?
How can I improve web traffic?
Would blogging be helpful?

Thanks in Advance,


huiedee1/25/2009 3:58 PM


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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Interesting concept. Are there other people/companies doing this? Not sure I`ve ever heard of it. Also, can the "R US" part create any legal issues from that other place?
    I understand the idea of keeping things "soft" looking, but in doing so it makes some of the text less than ideal to read, and almost makes the overall site very passive, but in general I like the overall look of it.
    The main page, I think could be clarified .... first, you almost make it sound like your service will eliminate all negative emotions during pregnancy, whatever they may be, and second, you just mention services but not in any actual context ..... I assume by reading this that you provide assistants for errands, household work, odds and ends, etc., but I`m just guessing .... even if it`s just a small list, I would suggest adding a couple of the services you provide right up front ... don`t make your visitor guess what you offer them when they first arrive, give them something informative about what you do and why it is going to help them.
    I also have no idea what area you do this in until I look at your contact page .... this could be stated up front somewhere so that visitors know if your service is even available to them.
    Put unique page titles and meta descriptions on your pages .... I also don`t see link titles, image alt tags, or h1/h2 tags for SEO purposes .... I would add these if possible.
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    huiedeehuiedee subscriber Posts: 7
    I am not sure if I will be needing any legal help...re: that other place. I hope not. I was able to form a LLC and obtain an EIN# ... should I be worried?? Oh boy....
    I like the issues you pointed out. I never even thought of them... I will revise content. Thanks-A-million!!


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    VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    Your site is pretty good.
    You need something on the home page to grab the viewer, like a subhead.  Your About Us page tells me more than the home page does.
    Something as simple as: "pregnancy simplified". 
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    huiedeehuiedee subscriber Posts: 7
    Thank You. I appreciate the feedback.

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