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Greetings!!  I am new to the site and have just started the work on launching an independent consulting company.  In short, my business will revolve around training and development of people via workshops, retreats, and in house sessions.  
The name of my company is..
Rough Diamond Business Solutions LLC
(Like a diamond in the rough)
I am struggling with a good tagline that further clarifies what the company does. 
I would like it to emphasize that we will specialize in people development.
My first, and rather rough stab so far was "Bringing brilliance to your business" or "Bringing polish to your employees"
I dont really like either and decided to turn to the awesome expertise that I`ve seen here so far.
Thank you all for any help you can lend me. 


  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer Posts: 7subscriber
    Hello and Welcome RoughDiamond!  I usually take a stab at these tag line challenges and most of the time I think mine come out pretty corny.  That doesn`t stop me however from giving it a try, so maybe you`ll find a F1 in my words, or maybe just a lump of coal, but here goes nothing....
    I actually like both tag lines you have listed, so maybe even combining them
    Rough Diamond Business Solutions LLC
    Bringing Brilliance to your Business and Polish to your People
    Rough Diamond Business Solutions LLC
    Training to make your people a "cut" above
    Rough Diamond Business Solutions LLC
    When a little polish is all your business needs
    Rough Diamond Business Solutions LLC
    Clarity through training
    Rough Diamond Business Solutions LLC
    Our goal is to make your business "flawless"
    Rough Diamond Business Solutions LLC
    Working with you on every "Facet" of your business
    I`m a chick... so I got a little carried away with the diamond theme  Hope this helps a little!!!
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer Posts: 7subscriber
    One more....
    Providing the tools to help your business shine
  • roughdiamondroughdiamond Posts: 1subscriber
    Awesome!!  Thanks Grill Charmer!  You gave me a lot to work with!
    I appreciate it very much
  • SandraPSandraP Posts: 3subscriber
    Hey Grill Charmer, I think you are on to something! I really like: "Bringing Brilliance to your Business and Polish to your People!"
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer Posts: 7subscriber
    Ooooo, good one jillybeans!
  • johnqhjohnqh Posts: 4subscriber
    Sorry, but I think all of those tag lines are too vague.
    Why not tell your customers exactly what you do?
    "Employee training to better your business"
    If you has a more detailed focus, it would be even better. For example
    "Retail employee training to better your bottom line"
    I used to use those vague tag lines too, until I went to a SBA class and went through the painstaking process to get concrete.
    Vague and fancy taglines are OK if you have a famous brand and people know what you do already, that would be fine. However, for a small business, that`s your first chance to tell people what you do. A vauge tagline doesn`t tell your potential customer anything.
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