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Here`s a thought -- anybody interested in a category just for us "aspiring" types who don`t have a business yet but want to exchange stories about getting ourselves going?  I feel weird just chiming into everybody else`s conversation and not really pulling my weight with original experience from the trenches.There`s a big difference between knowing how to build a web site and running a business building web sites. 


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    Hi Kim,Not saying that I wouldn`t continue to read the other boards, just saying that there`s not really many good categories right now where I can post stuff that`s basically "Here`s a step I took toward creating a business that doesn`t exist yet."Other than "Category Stew".d
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    Seems to me the categroy you would post in about "getting going" would be Startup Business Basics.
    As a SUN Advisory Board member (and a startup myself 16 years ago), I promise I will watch from the sidelines and interject comments where I feel I can help with some advice based on experience, knowledge, and plenty of hard knocks. The "old guys/gals" on here (I include myself in that group) are not here to judge. For me, it`s payback time for help others provided along the way. I totally understand your comments.
    Take over the Startup Business Basics category. Burn up the keyboard.
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    In my opinion these are completely different concepts and you need to approach each of them individually. Creating a website you will not be interested in its promotion - the main thing is that everything is interesting and relevant. Well, the promotion of your site is another question, where you will need to select a lot and even hosting, domain name and so on.

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    Yeah, I totally agree with you that it is really different things. It could be convenient

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