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Finding A Partner in Network Marketing

agelguyagelguy subscriber Posts: 1
agelguy8/18/2008 5:45 AM


  • M7ExcellenceM7Excellence subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Hillel!
         I just made my account on SuN and I took a look around and came across your post.  I don`t have much time to reply like I would like to, but I can offer you one tip.  First, I would like to say that I have 7 years of network marketing experience in one company.  I can share anything that would be of help to you that I have discovered in those years.  Please contact me here if you would like any suggestions. 
         There are 2 ways to go about network marketing.  The first is spinning plates.  This is the way that you mentioned when you said that you didn`t want to babysit.  You spin plate 1, 2 and 3 but by the time you go to 4 number 1 needs spinning to keep it up.  The second way is when you build your business in a way that you can go on vacation and when you come back your business is bigger than when you left.  I can explain in more detail later about the differences of these two methods.
         Regardless of which way you build your business at this stage you will be to operating in a "S" quadrant paradigm until you learn to leverage momentum.  I can suggest ways that will enable you to operate within a "B" business paradigm. The best advise anyone can ever give you is make sure that whatever information you from outside sources, you run it by your up line before acting on it.   If this is the type of business you want to advance in then you msut be loyal to your up-line.   Good Luck!^^
    P.S. Burn Your Bridges!  
  • agelguyagelguy subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello M7Excellence!
    Thanks for your advice, you are 100% right about following the upline, My problem is that all the people that were on my warm list , people who I thought would be perfect for such a business - turned out not to be true. Now I am working on a new list of people.
    Anyways I am looking forward for your advice!
  • zmannzmann subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Hillel
    my name is mike and yes i joined agel not that long ago and I know exactly what you are talking about Baby siting sucks but i have got the answers for you and any one else that you sponcer .
    I have found a way to get people to ring you to surch you out not the other way arround its like haveing a magnet attached to your business and its free and get this you can make money out of people wether they are in agel or not even if they dont join you pretty cool so check out
    mikezimmermann.magneticsponcoringonline.com or go to my web page www.iamagel.com/au</A> and i can also show you the 2x2 plan that has put use at the number one syndicate in agel in the world over 1100 in the last 4 months 
    Best regards
    mike keep up the good work
  • agelguyagelguy subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey Mike
    How does this Magnetic sponsering site work? I cant seem to get logged into it
    Looking forward in hearing from you
  • M7ExcellenceM7Excellence subscriber Posts: 0
    Helllo Again!
    Thanks for your advice, you are 100% right about following the upline,
    There is a lot more to following your upline.  Everything that you do wrong is duplicated 100%.  While everything that you do right is duplicated only about 50%.  If you are fully dedicated to your upline and edify them by your actions, your group will do the same but at a lower intensity than you have been doing.
    Also, following your upline means that you have your eye on success looking forward.  I have only read about your past and your downline.  They are almost never the reason why momentum is lost. 
    My problem is that all the people that were on my warm list , people who I thought would be perfect for such a business - turned out not to be true.
    First of all, there is no such thing as a problem, there are only challenges.  Your words shape your wold.  For you to become successful in a business that aims to move people from the "S" quadrant to the "B" quadrant, you must channge your vocabulary. 
    Secondly, it is not wise to predetermine anyone`s ability to advance in networking.  What is wise is to be a leader by its true definition and the student will show himself.  A sign that you have a leader and student is that she/he will have a craving for your time and knowledge.  Another is they will not wait long for you to help but go on there own if you take too long to counsel them.  There are many more sign to mention but you will learn only from experience. 
    Lastly, you are at the stage where you must throw mud against the wall and work with what sticks.  This means that...

    Everyone should be invited to work with you without any prejudgment.  Their actions will show you where to invest your time.
    Your list must be a moving list and not a list of the few that you are going to become wealthy with.  Lists never stop growing and no one gets crossed out of them.
    The law of averages is not on your side yet.  Ask your sponsor for the latest training materials to teach you how to leverage numbers.  By understanding this law, you will never say the above quote again, even if you were to get the same results.  
    Now I am working on a new list of people.
    You are in the business of making friends.  I still have people from 4 years ago calling me out of the blue to join my business again.  I understood above all if I build the people they will build there business.  I knew I must be patient while creating lasting relationships.  It got to the point sometimes where after months of inactivity, their eyes opened and out pured tears.  These grown men were crying because I allowed them to grow at their speed until our system taught them that they can be successful.  yes it is true that you want to maximize your time with certain people on your list. 
    Although, you are not at that stage at the moment as I believe.  Once you have some mud sticking on the wall, then you can look to increase efficiency.  I know that you will have great stories to tell us soon.  I look forward to reading about your adventures.  I would say "good luck" but "luck is when opportunity and preparedness meet."  You achievements will happen on purpose.
    Books that will help you out at this stage in the game:

    "Questions are the Answers"
    "Personality Plus"
    "The Magic of Thinking Big" 
    "Failing Forward"M7Excellence2006-10-13 12:33:31
  • danorrockdanorrock subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Hillel,
    Dan Orrock here with Synergy Worldwide. I saw your post about Magnetic Sponsoring. I bought the book and it sounds good up front but ended up leading me in directions that I couldn`t understand, nor was interested in. It wasn`t simple by any means, and didn`t deliver like I had hoped. When I contacted the owner he was rude and unfriendly, not MAGNETIC.  I was out instantly. I have been in the industry for 9 years and am no idiot. I am disappointed with the so-called gurus that are cashing in on ways that are "said" to be proven but are truly not. The book itself was interesting and had some great content but as a system to build a downline, I just didn`t find it worth anything.
    We have a group in Israel and are working with leaders who know what they are doing. My upline was in Israel last year with his group and we would be happy to work with you as well if you are serious about building with a company that has staying power. It`s something that you should really look at if you are going to invest your time into a venture. I wish you well in whatever you do!
    Dan Orrock  [email protected]</A>
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