Libraries buffing up small business resources

DavidDavid subscriber Posts: 3
As this BusinessWeek snippet shows, many libraries around the United States are expanding the resources they offer.  The Brooklyn/New York Public Library offers online databases for free to its patrons, for example.  While others offer free or inexpensive workshops and other research stops.  
Check it out here


  • syrbrian99syrbrian99 subscriber Posts: 0
    David -
      Thank you for sharing this - I have more than once thought that some public libraries ought to qualify for partial funding from economic development sources for their support of the small business community - like any service business I`ve met my share of incredibly knowledgable and friendly professionals vs the occasional person who was clearly not "cut out" for that type of work - this is a significant resource for diminishing the digital divide...
  • RojgieanRojgiean subscriber Posts: 0
    It took them long enough to try to help further economic development, and encourage local small businesses!  Just think of the THOUSANDS of dollars I could have saved if they would have had those books a few years ago... oh well... at least they are making it easier for us now, and generations to follow!
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