Best investments of skill

highflyerhighflyer subscriber Posts: 1
Well, I was wondering what does everyone think are the most important skills to develop for an entrepreneur?
I can think of a couple right off the bat here:
1) Memory- important for remembering appointments, keeping track of expenses, prioritizing etc, not to mention being able to recall faces really, really helps with good impressions.
2) Flexibility- being able to adapt to changing economic conditions, being able to see what the competition is doing and react accordingly.
3) Persistence- this is a big one, i think, because without persistence there would be no success. i don`t know anyone who started a business and came out screaming victory on his/her first run at it.
These are the top three for me, i guess. Would like to hear others you guys might be thinking about. For memory, i`ve been reading dominic o`brien`s book How to Develop a Perfect Memory. Kick-ass awesome book, highly recommended. When i`m working on flexibility, I like to think of a quote by Victor Frankl "between stimulus and response, man has the freedom to choose." When i`m sh*t tired, like i`m right now , I think about Edison and what would have happened if he said, "Damn, I think i`ll just throw this junk in the trash, have a pint, and go to sleep."
Its personallly been my second go at this whole business thing and golly gee cheese whiz, i think i`m starting to get the hang of it! (maybe)


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