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What`s a Good Conversion Ratio?

DavidJacksonDavidJackson subscriber Posts: 143 Silver Level Member
edited December 2008 in Marketing
Many marketing experts will tell you that on average, converting between 1-2 percent of your visitors to buyers is a an acceptable conversion ratio.
But I disagree with that "one size fits all" theory.
I believe a good conversion ratio is any ratio that provides you with a satisfactory profit margin for your business. That can be as little as 1-2 percent or less, or it can be as high 5-10 percent or more.
However, only you can determine what a satisfactory profit margin is for your business.
No one can do that for you.
David Jackson


  • GeorgeSmithGeorgeSmith subscriber Posts: 0
    I would agree with you on that. It will vary based on the website and
    what kind of marketing methods were used. I tend to think that a ROI of +15% is about my limit though. But like you said, only those who own the site can decide what is right for them.
  • JDeslerJDesler subscriber Posts: 0
    Conversion ratio`s work hand and hand with your ROI.  Lower conversion ratio higher profit margin or higher conversion ratio with lower profit margins.  You have to look at ROI before recommending an Internet Marketing Campaign to determine your monthly budget.  If interested I can go over and recommend a plan working with LiveDeal, Inc. Certified Reseller of Google AdWords. 800-977-6038 ext. 2854 Jeff
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