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I heard about Yanik Silver and here on SuN - he was one of the top-100 winners. I was interested in what he has to say about sales (especially sales letters). I signed up for his news letter and have read through some of his brochures and several of the emails sent by his site.
My question is - has anyone purchased his sales letter package? If so what did you think? I am hesitant because the flavor / tone of the emails that have been sent up to date. No disrespect to Yanik - obviously he knows how to market which is why I went to his site in the first place - I am cautious about the type of claims he makes and would like to hear from anyone who has purchased his products.


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    A couple of my clients purchased Yanik`s salesletter template. They sent it to me for my opinion, and my advice is, don`t waste your money. Being a copywriter myself, I found the salesletters to be generic at best, and not particularly compelling or well written. Considering Yanik`s outstanding reputation as a marketer, I was both disappointed and surprised.
    Dale King
    DKing12/4/2007 9:41 AM
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