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So, I think a business selected me!

deniseusfdeniseusf subscriber Posts: 2
edited July 2007 in Selecting a Business
Hi All,
I am pretty new here, but very happy to have located this "place".  It is inspiring and informative - and provides a great mind break at times.
So, my husband & I started a PI agency recently.  We are working out the kinks & starting to forge ahead w/ business, marketing ideas, etc.  I keep telling him we will look back & laugh when we are busy up to our eyeballs.
Here`s my thing.  I am a degreed accountant w/ 10 years experience in large corporate entities & small business start up (from a financial, management, and policy perspective).  If I can toot my own horn, I can kick some serious behind in this area.  So, I started slightly marketing my self a couple days ago & have picked up one new client & one more on the line for discussion.  Wow - is this easy or am I lucky??  Perhaps it is easy because I am passionate about this aspect of what I do - I love it!
I had another firm contact me on Friday to try to sign me up to send me prescreened leads as well.  I haven`t decided if I want to take that route, but may - cost is very low & the firm is new and in need of accountants & consultants to take the referrals.
I am not sure that I have a purpose for this post other than to see it - seeing is believing, right?  I am just so excited at the moment that I want to work 24/7 & grow, grow, grow. 
Anyone want to pop my bubble, as I may be in a state of euphoria now & need a reality check? 


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    deniseusfdeniseusf subscriber Posts: 2
    Both - I want both darn it!  I have wanted my own business consulting firm for a long time.  I partner that w/ the PI Agency & here I am - 2 businesses, both "mine", and perhaps more to come in the future.
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    ObsidianLaunchObsidianLaunch subscriber Posts: 7
    Congrats on the new business Denise.  I wish you great success (or should I say, continued success)!!!!
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    SecurityProfessionalSecurityProfessional subscriber Posts: 2
    As Craig stated, there are definitely some synergies between investigations and forensic accounting, particularly when you get into corporate investigations. In cases involving financial matters, you would certainly have an advantage over other PIs who were not as knowledgable of accounting. Some of the larger firms (such as Kroll) offer both types of services, but I don` t think that too many of the smaller firms do.
    However, if your intent is to offer traditional accounting services and general business consulting, I feel that this would be another matter. My opinion is that you need to give 110% to a business, particularly when it is just starting out. I feel that it will be tough to do both businesses well if you spread yourself too thin.
    I have been in a similar business (security consulting) for over 20 years, and as time has gone on, I have actually reduced the number of different types of services I offer so that I can better focus on the remaining ones.
    Is it possible that you got started in the PI business because it was your husband`s idea, and have now discovered that your real passion is in the accounting/business consulting world?  If you hadn`t already started the PI business, would you do it again, or would you just focus on the accounting/business consulting practice?
    I know that I am a little more "old-school" than some other people on these forums, but I really think that you need to pick one thing and run with it.....
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    deniseusfdeniseusf subscriber Posts: 2
    Here`s my passion - consulting & helping people.  I very much love to work w/ people that have no clue where to start & help them create a plan.  I do realize the residuals of ongoing services for clients as well.  Therefore, I want to see where this road goes to see if it is truely viable.
    My husband does work the PI business, with me as the President for "woman -owned" purposes.  It was always our intent for me to asssit with the forensic accounting & financial investigations & him to run the "other stuff".  Again, in order to see what we like in the field & what is profitable, it will take some time.
    I think we have a good link between the 2 & he is able to focus on the PI stuff where I am able to focus on the business end of the PI & consulting stuff.  Make sense?
    I get that you have to make choices, but aren`t those choices forks in the road during development?  If I were to do it all over again, I would continue on as we have, for the path leads to learning what works & doesn`t.  Isn`t this where niches come from - trial & error and exploring your passion?
    So, for Craig, flags are not equivalent to being a famous author, but it gets him by so he can work on it.  An Michael has developed his niche to a degree, but he didn`t start out where he is now.
    I guess this is what I am trying to reconcile - if it makes sense.
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