Selling A Necessary Evil

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Even though safety is the right thing to do, companies feel like its a burden rather than an investment. Business owners see it as expensive, confusing and a pain the butt! I have created a product that addresses those questions and makes safety simple, fun & cost effective. I live in an area with a booming construction economy and I figured that I would have no problem selling it. We are in our third month and have less than impressive sales numbers to show for it. I have aligned myself with some key safety associations butwe are not getting accepted into the community. This is denfinetly a "Good Old Boys Club"! Any suggestion on how I should market and sell my product?
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    Hi ,
    here  are  two  suggestions :
    1.  Dont  take  the  ` big boys `  in  ur  industry  head-on  .  That`s like suicide !  Figure  out  a  way  to  ` out-smart` them  rather  than ` out-power `  them  !!   Find  a  small  chink  in  their  armoury  and  squeeze  in  ---  only  to  explode  once  you  are  well  inside . 
    2.  Safety  is  like  Insurance  .  You  dont  do  it  unless  you  have  fear  !  Trying  too  hard  to  position  safety  on  the  platform  of  "  Fun "  may  end  up  frivolising  the  very  essence  of  the  need  to  invest  in  safety .  Just  be  careful .  May  be  you  should  take  a  random  customer  feedback  . 
    wish  you  good  lick  .   
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