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Who knows about gobignetwork.com?

realestategirlrealestategirl subscriber Posts: 2
edited May 2008 in Startup Funding
I took a look on GoBig Network and there seem to be many investors there, Angel and otherwise. Is there anyone here who is a PAID member at Go Big, and if so, what are your thoughts? Have you had results? Are listings current?Is it worth the $150.00 ???Thanks a bunchCorinne


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    AdvisorGarageAdvisorGarage subscriber Posts: 10
    It may be worth the $150 bucks but my guess is that you can also find angels and VCs through:
    1)  This entrepreneurial network, especially if you have a concept and want recommendations to Angels and VCs or2)  Advisor Garage which is free and also has Angels and VCs looking to invest (http://www.AdvisorGarage.com</A>)
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    dylanthereddylanthered subscriber Posts: 0
    I have a start-up and I paid to be a member of GBN.  No takers yet.  I think it is probably worth while.  Fundraising is HARD.  You need to leverage all the tools you possibly can.  You definitely should search for angel investor groups in your area and try to pitch to their membership.  I don`t think that the investors that say "hey I got money, come find me" on GBN are legit.  But there may be investors that come looking for you there.
    - Dylan Peterson, CEO, Charter Bus America
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    pagejamespagejames subscriber Posts: 1
    I agree.  I think it`s best to seek out all sources and $150 is a small price to pay if it helps in getting you off the ground.
    Is this for that big real estate development deal you are working on?
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    robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    When one goes fishing and doesn`t catch anything - it is sometimes difficult to determine if the reason is that there are no fish in the pond or if one is using the wrong bait.
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    finqueenfinqueen subscriber Posts: 1
    realestate girl:
    Hold onto to your money.  I have tried gobignetwork, paid the initial fee.  They offer refunds within the seven days of use.  I requested my refund three days into the free trial.  I have yet to get my money back.  The next step, is to contact the  Better Business Bureau. 
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    robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I don`t k now much about GBN, but if your looking for funding I found a cool site that offers person to person loans, www.prosper.com</A>.  There`s no fee to join but you have to be willing to put yourself out there; they require you tell them quite a bit about your personal finances. 
    Prosper can be an avenue for relatively small loans. If one needs larger amounts of business capital there are better options.
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    wschroterwschroter subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey guys - this is Wil Schroter, the Founder of the Go BIG Network.  Happy to answer any questions in this forum about our service, or you can email me directly at wschroter -at - gobignetwork.com - sorry I had to jumble the address so spiders don`t pick it up.
    We`ve also got a team of experts that can help answer your questions (and provide you with refunds!) through our Live Chat as well as our 866 number at the top of every page.
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    zootazoota subscriber Posts: 1
    I am a startup and I am looking for additional funding-would love to know more about your business.
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    wschroterwschroter subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey Jill - just email me and I`ll be happy to answer any questions you have.  We`re easy.
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    KiwiguyKiwiguy subscriber Posts: 1
    Jill I joined GoBigNetwork in 2007 and got multiple genuine hits to fund my project, but found that I was  not as prepared as I thought I was. My business plan was not ready and joining prematurely just cost me excess money. The website keeps deducting fees until you stop it.
    Overall I recommend it, but it may take many months to get sufficient hits. May I also suggest that real estate is a bit shakey at the moment ?
    To get the attention of investors you really need a sure bet like buyers lined up to take your development off your hands before you turn the first sod of earth. Good luck Jill. If you were in the right climate I would suggest dairy farming has greater rewards than real estate. Particularly if you went to Uraguay or  Chile and developed a farm there., but for mosty of us mortals we want a business to develop where we live.
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    KiwiguyKiwiguy subscriber Posts: 1
    Sorry Corrine, I called you Jill because Will Schroter did above my post.
    I have a friend and mentor here in New Zealand who is a property developer. My advice above is based in part on what he tells me. Find the buyer before you start to build.
    My suggestion from my own efforts to create an airline is find a market first. Is there a demand, or are there similar resorts which don`t quite satisfy demand ?
    Figure out how to do it better than any rival. can. Call it the WOW factor. The X factor. What makes your project more sexy, more appealing and more viable than all the others ?
    Creating a great  business venture is a lot like  going out on the town to find a hot  date. You have to make yourself the best catch out there.
    Create a business plan that makes the financiers compete for your attention.
    You need to understand everything there is to know about similar resorts in similar niche markets and that may require going to work for your biggest rival to learn what makes them tick and where they get their clientele.
    If you owned the land in a brilliant location first, then you could go to a resort chain with your plan and say how about it ?
    You`d need a really attractive plan and compelling arguments about why your site is superior. What is in it for the people who will buy you resort.
    Have you considered creating time share apartments, so that you create the project and then offer it as an investment to a lot of small investors ?
    Time share apartments work like this. You propose say a  resort with 30 apartments. You offer to sell each apartment in the resort on an individual title. The buyer can opt to live there year round, or they can lease it back to the resort for part of the year when they don`t need it.
    Some will want to stay all summer, whilst others may just want to visit for a few weeks per year. Into the purchase cost of every apartment work into your costing the price for building an empty one beside it.
    That way a bunch of small stake holders get involved in funding your dream.    
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    InitialUnderwritingInitialUnderwriting subscriber Posts: 0
    GBN is a great way to meet other small business owners and those that are looking to invest into other company.
    We are a preferred underwriter for those who are PAID members at Go Big Network.  Here at Initial Underwriting Group we take into consideration the amount you are requesting and try to pair you up with an applicable lender.
    IUG has the ability to review any loan application, or funding request at GBN and the most successful candidates are either startup companies or those looking to expand existing operations.  GBN has a vast source of lenders, angel investors, banks, and other underwriting companies that constantly look for small businesses that are looking to get out there.
    It is money well spent to become registered with them.
    Ilya Bodner
    Small Business Owner
    Initial Underwriting Group
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    MargyeMargye subscriber Posts: 0
    I am in the process of investigating this company who is aka Private Investor Lender Forum,
    based in Cinicinnati, Oh.  So far the Cinn. BBB has told me that they are not a BBB accredited company.  None of their success stories/claims have any names, tele numbers or emails to be verified.  Do you have any more info? Have you paid money upfront for their services and if so what were the results?
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    robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I can`t give you any specific information about GoBig.
    What I will say is that based upon my experience and observation, most people who go to these sites are not Capital Ready so they don`t get good results.
    If you are going to optimize your investment (money and time) be sure you are fully Capital Ready. It takes more than a business plan.
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    MargyeMargye subscriber Posts: 0
    when you say Capital Ready are you refering to an investor who has money to invest in a start up company?
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