Better Business Bureau

calvinjrcalvinjr subscriber Posts: 3
   Today, I received a phone call from my local BBB asking basically if I will pay to join the BBB...It is like  600-700 to join the BBB and use the logo on my website and it is like 300-400 to just join the BBB and use the logo on print. Is it worth it? Any one  join the BBB? Any benefits? Is it a waste of money?C.


  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I have heard two seperate talking heads of business on the am talk radio station in my area. They both said, don`t waste your time with the BBB unless you have money to spend for very little return.They approached me at a tradeshow last year. I investigated the benefits of a BBB logo online, and after talking to several people decided against it.I just didn`t see any direct benefit.
  • calvinjrcalvinjr subscriber Posts: 3
    Thanks Guys....I kind of knew I didn`t want to invest the money with them anyways and you were my BBB on the BBB...haha...ok bad joke.. C.  
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