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Hi folks,
I`ve been active here in the past two days... so here`s my new post
I just registered a domain name (com, net, org), and I`d like to hear your opinion about it. I`m not going to tell you what the web application will be about, so right now I`d like to test this name.  (I registered it just to be on the safe side...)
On the site itself, I thought of presenting the name as this:
What do you think this website will be about? Does this name make any sense to you? Is this name easy to remember?
Thank you for your input


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    No clue. I doubt the name itself will do much for SEO right off the bat; what/who is a kulto? Who is going to search for it? If it was just "KULTO", it might be more memorable since it`s shorter.
    In your eyes, what is the benefit of displaying it as you mentioned? Without seeing the concept, I have no idea what to think of it.
    In time, if the site/application becomes well known, it might be beneficial via uniqueness ( think Yahoo, Google, etc. ).
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    Most of the shorter letter combinations are already taken... but now I found a good candidate and I purchased it right away:

    As for SEO, there will be many similar pages, following the same template, but each with a unique content. People will search for words that will be included in these unique content pages.
    I still wonder what these two names might mean to you guys, without knowing the concept. The site will have a strong European focus (both content and users).
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    hi csaba,
    I think it is something realted to Web 2.0. And your second choice is on the right track which will help you in digital marketing as well. Actually for digital marketing a lot of things are taken into account and it depends on a number of activities. 
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    I posted the same question on the site where I`m rather active (a community of freelance translators). Just in case you are interested, here`s the link
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    I am thinking cult to.. which is not the best thought when people are thinking of a name.. Just my opinion.
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    Thank you for your ideas. As I mentioned, I also posted this question on another forum as well, and eventually I decided to drop these names (too bad I already registered them...)
    Anyway, I came up with another name that`s more descriptive of what the webapp would do. It`s not too imaginative, it`s simply two English words put together - and available as a domain name. (Not any more, as I moved quickly to register it
    I`ll let you know more if and when the webapp would be operational - hopefully before the end of the year...
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    I thought it was more of a residence area...because of the Topia Part.
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    Csaba!! Good Luck, and let us know!!
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