Where can I find funding?

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I am a young entrepreneur in the process of starting a Mobile Paint and Autobody business in Florida. I have a growing client list, but ran out of capital and the resources needed to service these clients. I am currently a one-man operation, but with funding I will employ others since I now have clients in many regions of Florida. My issue has been that I`m only looking for $20K-$25K and most investors don`t want to waste their time with a small investment. Where can I find what I am looking for? Thank you for any response, and feel free to e-mail me directly at [email protected]


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    Successfully acquiring capital for an early stage business is as much about how as it is where you look. Being prepared (what we call Capital Ready) when you approach a capital source plays an important role as does approaching the "right" sources.
    If you want to discuss your specific situation, send me a PM of contact me directly.
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