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NetmomNetmom subscriber Posts: 5
edited July 2007 in Marketing
Hi all!
I am curious, what do you all do to harness the power of networking (besides SuN) to build your business and expose your brand? I reecommended a book call The Millionaire Zone on the book club list. In picking it up again I realized that although I network I can certainly do more to leverage my networks and networking opportunities.
I`ll start. I attend functions for several Chamber of Commerce org in the city. I also am a part of a world-wide email loop. I am also active in some Economic Development orgs and women owned business organizations.  
Who`s next? 


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    NetmomNetmom subscriber Posts: 5
    I agree with you especially on the point of volunteerism as a means of networking and staying connected with a purpose. And giving back to a cause that is close to you opens the door in so many differnet ways especially to your spirit.
    On networking at events where you aren`t planning to sell, I couldn`t agree more that those tend to be those unexpected jewels of opportunity that take the edge and pressure off.   
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