I have attracted some publicity

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Since May is Melanoma month (Skin Cancer Awareness), I will be involved in the Melanoma Conference sponsored by University of Pa Hospital Abramson Cancer Center. I will be in attendance with my sunsafe clothing line. I contacted a local paper who will be doing a story to be out on May 1st and the conference is May 2nd. I am sending a Press Release to the major Philadelphia newspaper, will send out to everyone to review. I want to thank Melanie from PRPro for suggesting contacting the newspapers directly and giving them some history, I did just that and it worked perfectly. I also started contacting upscale women`s clothing stores, and I have an appointment to show my designs to them. Things are falling into place and I am very excited. On a sadder note, Danny Federici, keyboardist from the Bruce Springsteen E Street Band, died on Wednesday from malignant melanoma, which he battled for 3 years. No one should die from skin cancer, I am very saddened by this.


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