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I created this account while ago, but I have been so busy I havent had a chance to use it yet. Well tonight I`m starting!
I am a high school senior pursuing my second business. I recently launched Websites Unleashed, a small business website management company. We focus on effective services and results. Website marketing is the most talked about thing now days and I aim to make my business a household name among small businesses in my area.
I hope to help others and network within the Startup nation community.


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    Good for you Colin. Tough business you`ve chosen. Are your targets on-line themselves - what I mean is, not that they have a website for their business, but rather can you reach them at all on the internet - do they surf looking for your type of services? Cause I think you might find that putting effort into 3D promotion is as likely to generate leads as competing for those already online.Nice to see a HS senior with the initiative for getting into business (please don` t forget study time!)Mike
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    My primary market is more geographical than virtual. Most of my current clients were obtained through word of mouth. Business owners in my area understand the need for a website now, but they don`t understand the potential that could come from one.
    I plan on implementing a variety of guerilla marketing to capture my market. Informing them about the opportunities of a well designed and maintained website is the next step.
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    Great goal, and welcome to SuN It`s great that you`ve already got a strategy in mind!
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