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Would you let an AI Chatbot handle your customer enquiries?

I work for a company that sells custom AI Chatbots for businesses to handle customer enquiries and collect customer information 24/7. Would you let an AI Chatbot handle your customer enquiries? and if not why?


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    StodawStodaw subscriber Posts: 12 Bronze Level Member

    I am going to run my own business and I think over everything in advance in order to be successful from the very beginning. I believe that a chat bot will greatly facilitate some tasks in doing business. When it comes to building strong client relationships, chatbots can be really useful. By engaging and communicating with website visitors, your company can use it to develop strong ties. You may achieve marketing goals as well as increase sales and improve customer service by incorporating chatbots.

    A chatbot can help customers communicate more effectively and generate business success in a variety of ways.

    Boost Customer Participation

    Boost Your Lead Generation

    Reduce the cost of customer service

    To gain insights, keep an eye on consumer data.

    Make a strategy for conversational marketing.

    Balance Human Touch in Automation

    Expectations of Customers

    Ensure Support Scalability

    Make Your Customer Onboarding Process More Efficient

    Create the Customer Experience Smoother

    After considering this - I would lean towards the chat bot option

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