Could use some help in dealing with possible clients

I'm a welder of over 12 years now. I work from my home. Ive been operating my self start up for about a year now, nothing major has come my way. the occasional fix my bird-feeder, bench, or muffler but no contracts or steady orders. almost a month ago now i recieved a call about a company who wanted to perhaps get some work done by me. So i called them back we discussed a little on the phone, had a meeting, i took a sample of the product back to my place, welded it up, gave them a rough idea of the price i could give them per unit. it was basically my shop hourly rate id of billed to anyone, i knocked a little off the top cause if they planned on signing a deal with me, i knew they would be buying my services and i would be getting paid, I can cut a deal for that. well they did not like my price, and had some questions so we have had two meetings now, and honestly this being my first setting for this i feel like i jumped in way over my head, not in terms of the work. that is easy as Sunday morning. I'm just much more of a strait forward guy. i gave them an honest price for my services. i feel a little like they are just trying to wring a little more out of me before agreeing.

Some things to consider this contract would be a HUGE step in the direction i want my company to go, as well a large increase in revenue for me, perhaps even with some hard number crunching enough to secure a suitable location to call my business. As i said i work out of home. i am just really worried that i may want this deal to work out so much and being horribly inexperienced to deal with the haggling part of it, i may come out at a loss in the end.

Any Inspiration or sound advice would be heartwarmingly appreciated.



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